Mechanical Aquastop Hose
Usage: It is a product which is used to prevent flooding in case of a malfunction. It consists of a mechanic valve, an inner hose (PVC inlet hose) and a protective outer hose set. When a water leak happens in the inlet hose, the water is accumulated by the protective hose and it reaches the blockage mechanism in the valve so that the valve is closed and flooding is prevented. The mechanism works without any need of an electrical power supply.
  • %100 Full Automatic Production
  • %100 Leakage and Camera Control
  • Middle Flexible
  • High Chemical Endurance
  • Minimum Bending Radius
  • Good Resistant to Climate Impacts
  • Preassembled Components
  • Integrated Connectors
  • RoHS, REACH, SVHC Compliance
  • VDE Certificate
Technical Info:
Material  PP, PVC, NBR, EPDM, PA 66
Water Supply Pressure  0,2-10 bar
Cold Water Working Temperature  5°C < t < 60°C
Hot Water Working Temperature  5°C < t < 90°C
Ambient Operating Temperature  5°C < t < 70°C
Hose Inner & Outer Diameter  9  x 13mm / 10 x 15mm
Leak Tightness Pressure  6 bar
Flow Rate 10 L/min
Thread of Nut  ¾ ISO 228, ASME ¾ 11.5 NH
VDE Number  
Standard  EN 61770
Burst Pressure  60 bar