We report our responsibilities for environment, people and society with our transparenty principle which is appropriate for GRI standards. Sustainability reporting is the application of open reporting about our company’s economic, environmental and social influences.

GRI standards represent the best application of sustainability reporting in global level.

It is designed for reporting how we contribute to sustainable progress and its influences.

Also, GRI standards are trustworthy references for global policy makers and organizers; they encourage and provide the unreliable financial reports which are out of their authority.



Employees We support our employees’ participation to company’s decision making and applying process. We use suggestion systems and questionnaires as assessment and evaluation instrument. Also, we consider the necessary improvements through employee satisfaction surverys. We inform our employees about company activities through communication means such as education, meetings and inner transmission.
Customers It is a priority to respond customer needs for us. For this reason, we apply customer satisfaction surveys and we do meetings and visits. We respond our customer needs by these channels. We use marketing communication means in order to make our customers informed about our products and services.
Suppliers We provide our connection with suppliers through communication means such as visits, assessment meetings and supervisions. We form our supplier considerations separately and we determine the supplier status.
Financial Organizations We establish our dialogues with financial organizations through meetings and visits. We present this relationship to our upper units and we start our studies according to approval. We measure our profit/loss analysis for each year and we consider the relationship between our company and financial organization.
Rivals We provide connections with our rivals through market share distribution, customer portfolio and online assistance.
Shareholders The main channel to provide dialogue with our shareholders is general meetings. Our shareholders have the right of presenting their ideas and getting knowledge in these meetings. Taken decisions in these meetings are recorded in general meeting decision book.
Occupational Associations We provide connections with occupational associations through face-to-face meetings, Professional committees and seminars.
Local Managements We fulfill the demands and opinions of local managements and public institutions about our activities and sector. We provide the necessary support for supplying documents which are demanded from our company.
Sector and Non-Governmental Organizations We provide connections with Sector and NGOs which we are member of through face-to-face meetings and active participation.