Safety Policy

Respecting Laws: To provide a work environment which is up to all national and international standards in every way without any discriminations

Enhancement: To determine health and safety risks which can result from working operations and to apply new technology and efficient use of resources to create a safe work environment

Project Phase: To evaluate the effects of new investments and processes in terms of Occupational Health and Safety in the project designing phase

Education: To make necessary educational organizations in order to place, develop and ensure continuity of our Occupational Health and Safety Management system and its awareness in all our workers, sub-contractors and business segments

Occupational Accidents and Occupational Diseases: To determine and evaluate occupational health and safety risks in order to prevent occupational accidents and diseases and to take measures that will lessen these risks by creating objectives and programs

Sustainability and Management System: To create a sustainable Occupational Health and Safety Management System by collaborating with our customers, suppliers, partners and government agencies and to develop methods and prepare targets and management programs in order to enhance the performance constantly

End: Production and Assistance Departments function in designing, processing and maintaining of all facilities and equipments within this policy framework.